"The Announcer's Top 10 Tells"

This is how you're telling the industry that you're not ready!

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"...these are the ten ways an Announcer is telling the industry, promoters, directors, and producers, 'don't pick me... don't pick me because I'm not ready'".

This would be a ridiculous thing for any Announcer to actually say... knowingly, at least.

"The Announcer's Top 10 Tells" is an illuminating look at the telltale signs that an Announcer may not yet be at that next-level. Critical to understanding the importance to these signs centers around the fact that they have gone unnoticed by the Announcer, and therefore have become a "giveaway" -- completely unbeknownst to the Announcer themself.

A "Tell" is a behavior or action by a person that unknowingly indicates something truthful about them, even though they think they are cleverly concealing the truth or facts.

No matter what the Announcer does, no matter how they're projecting, no matter what they've got going on verbal or nonverbal… the truth regarding their skills, training, and experience are speaking through their actions and their delivery. What is so critical here is that the Announcer likely doesn't even know it's happening! Every Announcer needs to take a very close look at exactly what they're "telling" their future clients.

To be recommended, or on a short list, for virtually any type of show, you have to overcome these "Top 10 Tells". To do so, you will need to focus on your own self-awareness as you actively engage in working on eliminating these “Tells” from your delivery. Once you embrace these “Top 10 Tells”, and you know that your delivery is no longer plagued by these hidden telltale signs, you'll find yourself with opportunities that are now available to you.

Mastering "The Announcer's Top 10 Tells" is that critical step you've been searching for to elevate yourself to that next level.


These “Top 10 Tells” can bounce an Announcer out of consideration, or propel them into contention for any next-level opportunity.

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In the Virtual Training Studio, every Announcer rehearses in a training environment that emulates a Live Event's sound and feel.


"The Announcer's Top 10 Tells" is an in-depth look at the most significant ways that an Announcer, unknowingly, tells the entire industry that they're not yet ready for bigger opportunities.

First, this course will break down the most detrimental and telling "giveaways" into ten enlightening and easy to comprehend categories, or modules. Then, in each module, you'll takeaway a comprehensive understanding of each "Tell" through both simple definitions and complex examples that draw from nearly three decades of announcing experience at all levels.

And finally, in every module of "The Announcer's Top 10 Tells", you'll learn how you can eliminate the "Tell" from your work. This insight and specific instruction will provide the knowledge and perspective you'll need to make clear and decisive decisions.

Once you've completed "Top 10 Tells", you'll instantly possess the critical level of awareness needed to begin eliminating all of the telltale signs that are giving you away. You'll have an actionable list of elements and techniques to begin working on your delivery, as well as all of the actions that are currently keeping you out of contention for work on bigger stages. You'll now only need to put this information into action to eliminate your "Tells". And when you do, you'll find those next-level opportunities will now be available to you!

"The Announcer's Top 10 Tells" consists of twelve (12) modules:

  1. MODULE 1: Introduction. Let's first talk about what a "Tell" is, and how they can dictate the very direction of an Announcer's entire career.
  2. MODULE 2: "Influenced? Or Imitating?". The difference will dictate your ultimate success as an Announcer.
  3. MODULE 3: "Fake. It gives you away". This "Tell" is fairly easy to correct, so don't let it tell your future clients that you're not ready for their events.
  4. MODULE 4: "Are You Just Yelling? At least at times...". This "Tell" is a giveaway when it comes to self awareness. Don't let the most important elements in your announcing be the very "Tells" that scream to your prospective clients that you're not ready.
  5. MODULE 5: Promotion or Execution? Exaggerated physiology, over the top antics, and a look-at-me wardrobe answer that question unconditionally -- so you won't have to. They "Tell" your clients who gets the highest priority when you get behind the microphone. And, naturally, every one of your demo reels is telling the exact same story.
  6. MODULE 6: Inappropriate at times, completely missing at others. Blurred, slurred, and sloppy articulation "Tell" exactly where you are in your career.
  7. MODULE 7: "Rounding Down". From monotone to "sing-songy". A lack of awareness for your technical elements will "Tell" your story for you.
  8. MODULE 8: Inflection Control. Whether poorly integrated, or none at all... either way this technical element speaks so loudly that there will be nothing further that you can say to explain away this "Tell".
  9. MODULE 9: Variations. The absence leaves you undifferentiated and "Tells" the industry that you haven't yet put in the needed time.
  10. MODULE 10: Breathing. Forget actual breathing techniques, this is more about simple awareness. This will "Tell" any future client exactly where you will fall short.
  11. MODULE 11: Finesse, polish, and feel. They'll 'know it when they hear it', and this "Tell" will ensure that prospective clients simply will not hear it from you.
  12. MODULE 12: Conclusion. Here is how your "Tells" are impacting, guiding, and actually taking control of your career. What you must do now that you are aware, and how you will benefit once you accomplish it!
  13. BONUS MODULE: Can Physiology be a "Tell"?

"For all Announcers, working in all types of Live Events... this is the place to master your craft!"

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to "The Top 10 Tells".
Available in days
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  Are you Influenced? Or Imitating?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  It's that Fake thing that people are always talk about.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Are You Just Yelling? At least at times...
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Self-Promotion? Or Execution?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Inappropriate at times, completely missing at others.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  From monotone to "sing-songy".
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Inflection Control.
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Finesse, polish, and feel.
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Can Physiology be a "Tell"?
Available in days
days after you enroll


From the smallest stages, to the largest stadiums around the world.

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Michael C. Williams
Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams is one of today's most notable Live Event Announcers. You can see Michael weekly as the Ring Announcer for Bellator MMA airing LIVE on Showtime. After 25+ years, you’ll hear Michael’s unmistakable voice nearly everywhere. Michael routinely announces everything from a packed stadium with 60,000 fans, to lavish formal gatherings with as few as a couple hundred guests. Boxing, MMA, Monster Trucks, Triathlons & Marathons, Corporate Productions, Business Meetings, Charity Events...

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One of the world’s most notable and versatile Live Event Announcers.

For more than 25 years... nearly every type, discipline, and dimension of the profession.

A personal message from your instructor...

I’ve been announcing professionally for over 25 years. When I was starting out, there was never anyone to turn to. No one to ask questions, no one for training or coaching, and certainly no one offering any mentoring. During my early years, it was clear to me that all of us (yes, myself included) who were calling ourselves ‘Professional Announcers’ were untrained, at times just yelling, and basically not even close to being a true professional in our craft. We simply didn't know what we didn't know. And again, there was no one, and no place, providing any guidance.

Any time I'm working directly with an Announcer in our LIVE 1-on-1 Personalized Trainings, I am solely focused on accelerating the inevitable learning curve so that the Announcer can advance more rapidly in his/her career. I accomplish this by providing the necessary industry information, and the valuable insights into the announcing craft that I had to acquire and learn on my own over the course of nearly three decades.

I personally designed and created "The Announcer’s Top 10 Tells” so that it delivers on that same level of true value and commitment to you. After many years of taking part in evaluations and vetting Announcers for a variety of different opportunities, it became clear that there was a consistent set of telltale signs that were bouncing them out of consideration. Just the same, it was obvious that the Announcers were not aware of exactly what their actions were telling prospective clients. Over the course of many years, these “giveaways” were captured and formalized into the ”Top 10 Tells”.

This course, in conjunction with the others that I’ve assembled, is a critical step in your journey towards accomplishing your goals of becoming a true Professional in a fraction of the time it took guys like me to do it solo.


Here's a look back at the first 15 years of Michael's announcing career.

Michael's "Quicktake" video demo from the year 2011, featuring footage with everything from Monster Trucks to Beach Volleyball.

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