Our Vision is driven by one of the world’s most notable and versatile Live Event Announcers, Michael C. Williams.

Michael C. Williams Announcer this is the voice

"If it's live… this is the voice!"®

I’ve been announcing professionally for over 25 years. While many may know me primarily as a Ring Announcer, I’ve put in just as many hours as a PA Announcer, a Host / Emcee, a Spokesman, a Motorsports Announcer, and as a Race Announcer for Marathons and Triathlons. From the smallest of lavish formal affairs, to the largest stadium events throughout the U.S. and around the world, I’ve announced nearly every type and dimension of live event.

When I was starting out, there was never anyone to turn to. No one to ask questions, no one for training or coaching, and certainly no one offering any mentoring. For years I had to face the daily decision of either quitting and walking away from my dreams, or, deciding to continue to tackle the ‘road less traveled’ and just figure it all out on my own.

During my early years, it was clear that all of us (yes, myself included) who were calling ourselves ‘Professional Announcers’ were untrained and at times just yelling. I saw very clearly what was needed to succeed and set myself apart; I needed to ensure that I was always professionally announcing, and not just yelling, into my microphone. So, I devoted myself to learning announcing’s foundational skill set [“The Basics”] and mastering the building blocks [‘My Technicals”] of a true professional delivery. And of course, not only embracing how to breath correctly, but also understanding why it was so pivotal to success.

It took the entirety of my first 10 years to begin to see the ‘Path’ [the ‘Way’] to success. It was only then that I was able to begin understanding any so-called “secrets” of how to always get to the next level, and how that could lead to a full-time career out of what was at the time just a hobby.

By the way - Spoiler Alert. There is no magical “short-cut”. There is no secret “overnight-success” formula. And there most certainly is no “easy way”. If these did exist, everybody would be doing it, and basking in their overwhelming success.

Having said that, for those who are determined to be successful as an Announcer you should know that it is possible. There is absolutely a way for you to start now or continue down this road from right where you are today. It is not rocket science. It can be demystified.

For the majority of the second half of my career, I’ve been training, coaching, and mentoring other announcers. Holding nothing back, I’ve openly shared all that I’ve learned regarding both the skill of Announcing, and, the business of making this a full-time career.

One thing has always been very clear through all my work with experienced announcers, up and comers, and of those trying to figure how to just get started in this profession. If YOU are truly dedicated, ready to put in the requisite time and energy, and willing to take on the level of perseverance necessary… I am able to take everything that I’ve spent the past 25+ years figuring out on my own, and enable YOU to learn it, and succeed with it, in just a fraction of the time.

And that is my personal mission here at Live Event Announcing.

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