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What any new Announcer needs to know.

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Getting started as an announcer for any type of event is confusing. Trying to learn even some of the most basic information can be daunting. Feeling confident that you are following good and relevant information is nearly impossible.

Why? Unlike nearly every other profession, Announcing has no formal process for basic or advanced instruction. No higher education courses or curriculum, no structured adult education, and no apprenticeships or mentorships.

Inevitably, then, all that is available are the typical online searches that return generic and unrealistic nonsense. And what's worse, it all originates from people with little, or NO, actual real-life experience working their way up to the highest levels of the craft.

"Getting Started! What any new Announcer needs to know." is a 'look behind the curtain' for anyone who wants to get started in the profession of announcing, for any type of Live Event. And for those that have a few years now in the business announcing events at the local or regional level, this is the way to get yourself 'Behind the Scenes' to catch a glimpse of what it takes to get to that next level.

"Getting Started!" is precisely this – direct industry expertise, from an industry professional with 25+ years invested at the highest levels. This course is designed to enable you to navigate and accelerate your efforts as an Announcer. There's nothing vague, unrealistic, or generic in this curriculum.

"Getting Started!" provides exactly the information and insights that you must know as you begin announcing, and then work your way through your early years in the business. This course outlines in very specific detail what you must do to ensure your success as an Announcer. And if your goal is to generate an income by announcing professionally, this course will break down what you will need to do over time, and what you can expect from your efforts.

In "Getting Started!" we feature "The 5 Rules for any new Announcer". We'll not only explain how they have a tremendous impact on your future success, but also why that future is dependent upon what you elect to do with them starting today.

As an Announcer, "Getting Started!" is the 'Backstage Pass' you've been looking for.


"Getting Started!" is NOT that typical 'what to do' list of generic recommendations that anyone can find with a simple online search!

"Getting Started!" is the 1st course in a two-part curriculum, and is designed to introduce the information that any new Announcer will need to get off to a successful start in the business. "Getting Started!" introduces the "The 5 Rules", and provides a significant level of clear and actionable detail in each module. This foundation will be utilized in the 2nd course, "Getting To The Next Level!" to establish the right way for an Announcer to continually move up to the next level in the profession.

Each course is available separately, or together as a bundle. (see below "Get Started Now!")

For the Pre-Recorded version of this two-part curriculum, the completion of "Getting Started!" is a mandatory prerequisite to enrollment in the 2nd course, "Getting To The Next Level!"

"Getting To The Next Level!”, the 2nd course in the curriculum, focuses specifically on the practical steps required to get to the next level by introducing advanced level training topics that are otherwise found only in "The Master Class from Michael C. Williams".


"For all Announcers, working in all types of Live Events... this is the place to begin learning your craft!"

You can currently enroll in the course "Getting Started!" in one of two ways:

1-on-1 LIVE Session with Michael C. Williams

Conducted on-line from the fully-immersive environment of the "Virtual Training Studio", this method of instruction provides you with a highly personalized delivery for the content in "Getting Started!". This customizable course offering is your most effective way to learn the content and begin to advance your career. You will also have unlimited access to the Pre-Recorded version of the course.

Pre-Recorded Video Course

This self-paced course is your most cost-efficient way to learn and internalize the content. You will have unlimited access to this version of the course.

See "Get started now!" below for further course availability details.


In the Virtual Training Studio, every Announcer rehearses in a training environment that emulates a Live Event's sound and feel.


"Getting Started!" is a comprehensive introduction to the content, and likely your first exposure to the facts about exactly what's necessary from you as you begin, and then advance throughout your first 5 years, in announcing.

"Getting Started!" presents a significant level of both insight and instruction so that you can then immediately make clear and decisive decisions on what you will do, and how you will build your announcing skill set. This course is designed to deliver actionable elements and techniques for you to begin work on your craft, and therefore improve your position in industry.

"Getting Started!" consists of eight (8) modules:

  1. MODULE 1: "The 5 Rules for any new Announcer". An overview detailing why your future success is determined by how you chose to embrace these today.
  2. MODULE 2: "Understanding the phenomenon of the 'Cliché Announcer'". Make the wrong decisions, or NO decisions -- and your career is over before it begins. We will enable you to identify and define the natural phenomena at work here. Most importantly, we will ensure that you are no longer him/her when you step on stage!
  3. MODULE 3: "You must deliberately define your Delivery". An introduction to what should be your single most important focus today. Plus, the first steps to get your own individual process underway right now.
  4. MODULE 4: "Yelling is NOT announcing!" Common sense tells us there is a difference. Here are the first steps to ensure you are actually announcing behind your microphone. Remember, literally anyone can step on stage and just yell.
  5. MODULE 5: "Create your Demo Reel to actually HELP you get work." Believe it or not, most Demo Reels are getting announcers bounced out at the initial consideration stages. You'll learn how to avoid the two biggest mistakes everyone makes, and the fundamental secret that must guide you as you create your Demo.
  6. MODULE 6: "Rehearse. Practice. Drill!" So many scoff, or even laugh, when they hear just what is necessary. Take this seriously, and you'll separate yourself from them, and the rest of the pack. Here is exactly what's required, and most importantly, the RIGHT way to do it.
  7. MODULE 7: "Finding jobs and getting paid. An overview." You need to know how to set proper expectations for yourself, and your prospective clients. More importantly, you need to understand how to get better at both. This is how you start down the most effective, and time efficient path.
  8. MODULE 8: "Start doing TODAY what a true professional Announcer does every day". Know the actions, activities, and routines that guide the time and energy of a Professional. Any new Announcer should be implementing these same regimes into their own routines. Here's the first half of that list.


From the smallest stages, to the largest stadiums around the world.

Michael C. Williams on the massive 160' x 72' JumboTron at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Your Instructor

Michael C. Williams
Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams is one of today's most notable Live Event Announcers. You can see Michael weekly as the Ring Announcer for Bellator MMA airing LIVE on Showtime. After 25+ years, you’ll hear Michael’s unmistakable voice nearly everywhere. Michael routinely announces everything from a packed stadium with 60,000 fans, to lavish formal gatherings with as few as a couple hundred guests. Boxing, MMA, Monster Trucks, Triathlons & Marathons, Corporate Productions, Business Meetings, Charity Events...

"If it's live… this is the voice!"®

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Or, send Michael an email: [email protected]

One of the world’s most notable and versatile Live Event Announcers.

For more than 25 years... nearly every type, discipline, and dimension of the profession.

A personal message from your instructor...

I’ve been announcing professionally for over 25 years. When I was starting out, there was never anyone to turn to. No one to ask questions, no one for training or coaching, and certainly no one offering any mentoring. During my early years, it was clear to me that all of us (yes, myself included) who were calling ourselves ‘Professional Announcers’ were untrained, at times just yelling, and basically not even close to being a true professional in our craft. We simply didn't know what we didn't know. And again, there was no one, and no place, providing any guidance.

This two-part curriculum, "Getting Started!" and "Getting To The Next Level!" , contains exactly the information that I now know would have been critical to my success as I began my career, as well as during those next 5 years or more.

Any time I'm working directly with an Announcer in our LIVE 1-on-1 Personalized Trainings, I am solely focused on accelerating the inevitable learning curve so that the Announcer can advance more rapidly in his/her career. I accomplish this by providing the necessary industry information, and the valuable insights into the announcing craft that I had to acquire and learn on my own over the course of nearly three decades.

I personally designed and created "Getting Started!" and "Getting To The Next Level!" so that it delivers on that same level of true value and commitment to you. Whether you're a new Announcer trying to break into the profession, or an up-and-comer that is trying to get to the next level, this course is your starting point on the journey towards accomplishing your goals of becoming a Professional -- and doing so in a fraction of the time it took guys like me to do it solo.


Here's a look back at the first 15 years of Michael's announcing career.

Michael's "Quicktake" video demo from the year 2011, featuring footage with everything from Monster Trucks to Beach Volleyball.

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