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Michael C. Williams has been announcing professionally for over 25 years. While many may know Michael primarily as a Ring Announcer, he’s put in just as many hours as a PA Announcer, a Host / Emcee, a Spokesman, a Motorsports Announcer, and as a Race Announcer for Marathons and Triathlons.

When Michael was starting out, there was never anyone for him to turn to. No one to ask questions, no one for training or coaching, and certainly no one offering any mentoring.

It took the entirety of Michael’s first 10 years to begin to see the ‘Path’ and the ‘Way’ to success. It was only then that he was able to begin understanding the so-called “secrets” of how to always get to the next level, and how that could lead to a full-time career.

For the majority of the second half of Michael’s career, he’s been training, coaching, and mentoring other announcers. And now, Michael can unequivocally assure any dedicated up-and-coming announcer the following…

If YOU are ready to put in the requisite time and energy, and willing to take on the level of necessary perseverance, Michael can take everything that he’s spent the past 25+ years figuring out on his own, and enable you to learn it, and succeed with it, in just a fraction of the time.


Michael's virtual studios offer a very personal and interactive approach to Business Coaching and Mentoring.

Starting out in this business can be daunting. Michael successfully launched his business over 25 years ago with absolutely no guidance or training, and without the advantage of a coach or mentor. Michael built a unique road map to success on the strength of his own relentless persistence. As your Business Coach, Michael will freely share everything needed to make you successful. Michael’s goal is to help you achieve the same level of success in a fraction of the time that it took him to figure it out all on his own.


All Coaching sessions are 1-on-1 with Michael, and conducted LIVE from the "Virtual Training Studio". Your face-to-face sessions will be, in-depth, interactive, and highly personalized. Coaching will always include appropriate time for technical training elements, complete with drilling and rehearsing.

To maximize their effectiveness, all Sessions are conducted online in the fully-immersive environment of the “Virtual Training Studio”. This process allows anyone to learn, train, and rehearse in an environment that emulates the actual sound and feel of a real Live Event atmosphere. This all-encompassing learning experience can only be found here at Live Event Announcing.

Michael's individual coaching plans begin by addressing the fundamentals for success, Mindset and Actions.

Your Mindset

Any successful Announcer begins here...

  • It’s NOT about you! Embrace it or fail.
  • You think being 'good' is the most important thing? If so, think again!
  • So, people have always said "you've got a great voice"? Guess what, that doesn’t matter. But here's what does!

Your Actions

These 10 elements are how you KNOW if an Announcer is on the right path for Success.

  • 1. The amount of practice and rehearsal time one puts into their craft.
  • 2. The amount of formal guidance and training one undertakes.
  • 3. The amount of perseverance one is.............
  • 4. The amount.........


The Basics:

  • Focus: What is it really? Why is it so critical to your success?
  • Preparation: You will not believe what is needed. Embrace it or fail.
  • You are on the job from the minute you leave home.
  • ”100% prior to Call Time“. Separating out the true Professional.
  • On Site = ”On” ...and at all times!
  • Here’s what’s most important to the Producer / Director / Promoter.
  • A person’s Name. Attention to detail sets you apart.
  • Sponsors. Over prepare on your own, but seek approval before you over deliver.
  • Post Event follow up. The one thing you must do every time.
  • Review: Videos, websites, photos.


Your Career:

  • “Career Top 10” Let’s get to work on yours.
  • “Top 5… Right Now!” Immediate improvement before your next event.
  • Developing & Defining your Delivery: Mastering your ‘Technicals’.
  • Creating your own “Brand”. It’s NOT what you think.
  • Your Image is always one step in front of you. Don’t neglect to invest.
  • TV / On-Camera Basics. What to expect? What is expected of you?
  • The importance of Breathing to your success. An Introduction.


The Business:

  • Getting yourself to the NEXT level is the first step to making it a Career.
  • The critical "Best Practices" that an Announcer must put in place prior to accepting any work.
  • Marketing yourself. Getting your Name out there the right way.
  • Contacting prospective clients. The right way, and the many wrong ways.
  • Creating YOUR appropriate “Fee Structure”, and how to communicate it.
  • There's a right way to work “cheap”. When, and most importantly when NOT, to do it!
  • The “Secret” to increasing your Fee Structure -- is no secret at all.


  • Creating a specific "Framework" that ensures you are representing yourself effectively, and making sound professional decisions.
  • The Keys to utilizing your TIME to strategically and efficiently build your career.
  • “Are you seen as a VALUE, or as an EXPENSE?”
  • "Creating your irreplaceable Value"
  • "Your Breathing is Your Craft".
  • "Define your own unique Delivery".
  • "From Vocal Basics to the Technicals".


After building his announcing business completely on his own, Michael is now helping others to build theirs in a fraction of the time.


This “side-by-side” program is both comprehensive and personalized, and covers all aspect from Advanced Announcer & Vocal Training to Business Coaching.

* Limited Program Availability. Please inquire PRIOR to Enrolling.

Your Instructor

Michael C. Williams
Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams is one of today's most notable Live Event Announcers. You can see Michael weekly as the Ring Announcer for Bellator MMA airing LIVE on Showtime. After 25+ years, you’ll hear Michael’s unmistakable voice nearly everywhere. Michael routinely announces everything from a packed stadium with 60,000 fans, to lavish formal gatherings with as few as a couple hundred guests. Boxing, MMA, Monster Trucks, Triathlons & Marathons, Corporate Productions, Business Meetings, Charity Events...

"If it's live… this is the voice!"®

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Here's a look at Michael's most recent work as a Ring Announcer.

The voice inside the Bellator MMA cage for over 200 consecutive events.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do your Sessions start and finish?
You decide when you start your self paced sessions to best fit your personal or professional schedule. We recommend a timely sequence of sessions to maximize learning and retention, with minimal downtime between training. We ask that all Sessions be complete with a 180 day time frame.
What if I am unhappy with the Sessions?
I would never want you to be unsatisfied. At any point within the first 30 minutes of your first Session, should you feel unsatisfied with your training for any reason, simply notify us that you would like to conclude the session immediately and receive a full refund. Additionally, prior to starting your Sessions, you may contact us within the first 30 days to let us know that you would like a full refund.

Here's a look back at the first 15 years of Michael's announcing career.

Michael's "Quicktake" video demo from the year 2011., featuring footage with everything from Monster Trucks to Beach Volleyball.


"Michael's a quality person, as well as a professional."

- Nick Charles, Broadcaster / Announcer

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