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Instructed 1-on-1 by Michael C. Williams, Personalized Training is conducted LIVE in the fully-immersive environment of the "Virtual Training Studio".

For all those currently working as an Announcer but trying to figure out how to make it a Full-Time career, to those who have a dream and would like to figure out how to just get started… you’ll find the training that will enable you to continually get yourself to that next level right here in the “Virtual Training Studio”.

Your LIVE online training sessions will utilize an all-encompassing learning experience that can only be found here at Live Event Announcing. This process allows you to learn, train, and rehearse in an environment that emulates the actual sound and feel of a real Live Event atmosphere.

Your 1-on-1 Personalized Training sessions can be designed, by you, to cover any subject matter of your choosing. These “open” sessions are intended to be formatted so that the agenda is most beneficial to enhancing your professional skill set, and advancing your career.

Sessions can be created by utilizing:

  • Announcer’s own content, questions, issues, challenges, etc.
  • Announcer’s own demo reel, video footage, or event performances
  • Content, modules, or curriculum available here at Live Event Announcing *Coaching & Mentoring programs excluded
  • Elements from the 10 Courses in The “Master Class” by Michael C. Williams

Your face-to-face sessions will always be in-depth, interactive, and highly personalized. Each training session will include commensurate time for practice, drills, and rehearsing. A mutually agreed upon agenda will be finalized prior to the start time for each training session.

Here at Live Event Announcing, we’ve organized all the elements, skill-sets, instruction, curriculum, lesson plans, exercises, practice drills, and techniques that Michael C. Williams has been utilizing in training and coaching for nearly two decades.


In the Virtual Training Studio, every Announcer rehearses in a training environment that emulates a Live Event's sound and feel.

Minimum length for a session is 60 minutes, with a maximum time limit of 2 hours for any single session. The recommended agenda for each hour of training includes 45 minutes for a structured lesson with rehearsal, and 15 minutes for your current topics, challenges, and questions.

To maximize impact and facilitate immediate improvement, Announcers are encouraged to utilize their own event video footage during sessions. All Footage should be provided no less than 10 days prior to your session. Michael will review your footage, and assist in putting together an agenda for your training in advance of your session start time. Footage can consist of up to 10 individual clips. Clips should have a total combined maximum running time of no more than 15 minutes (per one hour of training) to allow for ample for discussion and rehearsal time during the session.

To provide your footage: 1) Provide links to your footage that you currently have posted on online, 2) Provide links to download your footage, 3) Email clips [<10mb].

Your Instructor

Michael C. Williams
Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams is one of today's most notable Live Event Announcers. You can see Michael weekly as the Ring Announcer for Bellator MMA airing LIVE on Showtime. After 25+ years, you’ll hear Michael’s unmistakable voice nearly everywhere. Michael routinely announces everything from a packed stadium with 60,000 fans, to lavish formal gatherings with as few as a couple hundred guests. Boxing, MMA, Monster Trucks, Triathlons & Marathons, Corporate Productions, Business Meetings, Charity Events...

"If it's live… this is the voice!"®

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Or, send Michael an email: [email protected]

Here's a look at Michael's most recent work as a Ring Announcer.

The voice inside the Bellator MMA cage for over 200 consecutive events.


Here's a look back at the first 15 years of Michael's announcing career.

Michael's "Quicktake" video demo from the year 2011, featuring footage with everything from Monster Trucks to Beach Volleyball.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do your Sessions start and finish?
You decide when you start your self paced sessions to best fit your personal or professional schedule. We recommend a timely sequence of sessions to maximize learning and retention, with minimal downtime between training. We ask that all Sessions be complete with a 180 day time frame.
What if I am unhappy with the Sessions?
I would never want you to be unsatisfied. At any point within the first 20 minutes of your first Session, should you feel unsatisfied with your training for any reason, simply notify us that you would like to conclude the session immediately and receive a full refund. Additionally, prior to starting your Session(s), you may contact us within the first 30 days to let us know that you would like a full refund.

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